How does CBD help anxiety?

CBD oil and other similar CBD based products are rapidly growing in popularity thanks to the many health benefits that they can offer for consumers. Primarily favored by people who struggle with health conditions such as arthritis or chronic and debilitating seizures, CBD can offer huge benefits for pain control purposes. However, pain control is hardly the only benefit of CBD oil and CBD vape products; indeed, they can also offer a wide variety of different anxiety and depression benefits as well.


For many sufferers of anxiety or depression, modern medicines and treatments can be unpleasant and largely problematic. These such medicines can result in many different side effects that might be undesirable, or may even stop working after a period of time. In these cases, an alternative treatment may be needed—and CBD oil could be a good solution for this requirement.

Modern Anxiety Treatments

There are many different anxiety treatments on the modern market that are often prescribed to sufferers from anxiety. However, these treatments can often result in many different problems and side effects, and an alternative form of treatment may thusly be needed by a patient.


Some of the side effects of modern anxiety medications can include:


  • Nausea and a lack of coordination, which may also be caused by the onset of dizziness due to the use of anxiety medications
  • Low blood pressure (AKA hypotension), which can lead to a number of different problems
  • Depression and general feelings of low self esteem, as well as extreme emotional responses such as excessive anger, violence, or irritability
  • Memory loss or an inability to recall certain facts and sources of information, which may also lead to a decreased IQ and cognitive ability
  • Sexual dysfunction or an unusual or unexpected lack of interest in sexual relations
  • Diarrhea or stomach pains/discomfort
  • An unexpected gain or loss of weight, without necessarily changing the diet


In addition to these, people who take medication to help them control their anxiety may also be putting themselves at risk of a number of other, more serious conditions; these can range from heart disease, persistent pulmonary hypertension (high blood pressure in and around the lungs), an increased risk of getting injured and/or bleeding, or potentially even serious adverse reactions when used in combination with other drugs and chemicals. These risks, though uncommon, are not unheard of for people taking anxiety medication; as such, any treatment which might be less dangerous is potentially life savign!


All of these side effects can range from being distressing to entirely life changing, especially in cases where the milder and more common side effects last for a long period of time. Unfortunately, this can often be the case for people who find themselves taking prescription medications to control their anxiety; the very nature of these side effects can result in the efficacy of the drugs being lesser, too.


As such, an alternative is often needed in order to control anxiety, without having to resort to ineffective prescription medications. In these cases, a product such as CBD oil or CBD vape could be a great alternative solution. But how can CBD help you to control your anxiety, and is CBD the right choice for your needs?

How CBD Can Help With Anxiety

Unlike most cannabis products, CBD oil and CBD vape products are not actually derived from “standard” cannabis plants; instead, these compounds come from specially bred varieties of cannabis known as hemp.


Hemp plants have exceptionally low levels of the psychedelic compound, THC, which is primarily what gives cannabis its poor reputation. In fact, in order for CBD compounds and products to be approved by the FDA for sale and distribution (as per the regulations set out at the time of the Farm Bill of 2018), the CBD itself must have been derived from a hemp plant that has a THC content of less than 0.3%.


This low level of THC in the original hemp means that taking CBD oil is safe and will not result in the highs that are associated with normal cannabis consumption. Many people who first consider taking CBD oil worry about this particular detail, but it is often reassuring to know that federal law requires intoxication to be not of a risk when taking CBD.

Studies Into the Efficacy of CBD Supplements

In order to prove its efficacy, there have been a number of different studies and tests conducted into CBD. Primarily carried out on animals, these tests proved the seeming correlation and links between the supplementation of CBD oil and reduced stress levels (for generalized anxiety disorder patients).


In addition to this first test, a second study was carried out in 2011 that worked to determine how supplementation of CBD could help people who suffer from social anxiety disorder. These patients were each given an oral product to take; some had 400mg of CBD compound, while the others had a placebo drug as control subjects. The results of this trial clearly suggested that those people who were given the CBD supplement experienced far lesser levels of stress than their peers.


As well as studies into the effects of CBD supplementation for anxiety, more up to date studies have also surrounded the topic of CBD’s benefits as a supplement for post traumatic stress disorder and insomnia, both of which can be caused by—or otherwise serve to aggravate—anxiety.

In Summary

At present, there have not been enough studies carried out (and on a large enough scale) for the use of CBD as a medicinal product to be officially realized. However, it is generally well accepted—from the seemingly clear evidence—that the supplementation of a person’s diet with CBD can be incredibly beneficial for their mental health.


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