Is CBD a placebo?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring chemical compound that offers a variety of beneficial effects to consumers. Positive effects of CBD include pain alleviation, reduction in feelings of anxiety or depression, the presence of neuroprotective properties, increased heart health, and much more. Many people who hear about CBD and its effects believe that it sounds too good to be true, and they will often question the extent to which this compound actually benefits the human body when used medicinally. Despite some skepticism and uncertainty in consumers, let it be known that CBD is not a placebo. Though it does not contain any naturally occurring chemicals that get you “high” (such as tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC), CBD does contain natural chemicals that boost the mental and physical health of individuals who choose to use it.

A survey was conducted on CBD users regarding the reasons behind their cannabidiol use. The results show that CBD users are using this medicine for a variety of reasons, as well as the fact that a large portion of them truly do believe that CBD is benefitting their mental and/or physical health. Of the sample surveyed, 55% said that cannabidiol increased their ability to relax, 50% reported a reduction in stress/anxiety rates, 45% said that they had an improved quality of sleep, and 44% reported some relief from muscle pain. Though many of these figures hover around 50%, it is important to remember that the individuals who were surveyed were all suffering from different health problems. Therefore, it is likely that the actual percentage of CBD users who found relief from their CBD is much higher for each specific category than the figures reported.

Here at Shaka CBD, we can guarantee high quality products that will effectively reduce and alleviate pain or other issues. Our products are designed to reduce both mental and physical stress/pain, and our products are thoroughly tested in order to guarantee quality. In addition to the benefits of cannabidiol that were discussed above, many respondents to the survey also praised CBD for benefitting them in numerous other categories. For example, 39% of respondents said that their chronic pain was reduced after consumption/use of CBD, and 38% reported relief from joint pain. Furthermore, 22% reported the use of CBD benefitting them through social use, and 13% reported benefit from spiritual use. 20% of respondents reported that the use of CBD helped them reduce migraines, and 17% believe that CBD effectively offsets nausea. In addition to helping some of the respondents relieve stress or relax, 11% reported the use of CBD in their skincare routines. 8% of the respondents stated that cannabidiol resulted in sexual enhancement, and 8% also stated that they believed that cannabidiol helped to alleviate seizures.

From the extensive results of the survey discussed above, in combination with the results of the numerous reports and studies being conducted on CBD, it is difficult to argue that cannabidiol is a placebo. A large percentage of users report that in their own personal experience, the numerous benefits of CBD definitely seem to be real. Though the effects of CBD are not as strong or overpowering as those of certain other medicines, cannabidiol is a natural, simple, and easy way for an individual to improve the overall quality of their health. So why wait any longer? Allow yourself to relax whilst simultaneously improving your mental and physical health and try some of our high quality Shaka CBD today!

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